Parcours des Mondes 2023

Adrian Schlag Tribal Art at the Galerie de l'Institut

The exhibition space at 3bis rue des Beaux-Arts features works by Fernand Léger and Pablo Picasso, as well as a collection of tribal art (Congo, Tshokwe, Dan, Ligbi/Djimini, Bozo, Abelam, Bukie, Baule, Songye, Lobi).

It's back to school time and, as every year, the Galerie de l'Institut is delighted to welcome Adrian Schlag Tribal Art for the 2023 edition of Parcours des Mondes.

We invite you to discover a dialogue between tribal art, Fernand Léger and Pablo Picasso at the Galerie de l'Institut, 3bis rue des Beaux-Arts.

In anticipation of our new exhibition in October, Galerie 12 rue de Seine is presenting an exhibition echoing that of Galerie rue des Beaux-Arts, with works by Jean Dubuffet and Henri Matisse.

September 5 to 10
Parcours des Mondes
Adrian Schlag Power & Elegance

Galerie de l'Institut
3bis rue des Beaux-Arts 75006 Paris
12 rue de Seine 75006 Paris

Paintings: Pablo Picasso, Tête de femme, 1929, Oil on canvas © Succession Picasso 2023;
Fernand Léger, Deux femmes (projet pour une tapisserie), c. 1923/1927, Charcoal and white chalk on canvas © ADAGP 2023